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Welcome to Road Bikes & Bicycles

RB&B (Road Bikes & Bicycles) is a great resource for biking & cycling! We endeavor to bring you two things:

1. The most useful and informative help about bicycles, bike brands, bike parts, accessories, etc.
2. An evolving collection of biking and cycling resources to increase your enjoyment of this wonderful sport

How do we do it?

1. Who else will help you know the best way to use these items? In each of our sections, we clearly explain what each item is, what it does, and how you can find the best one for your wants and needs. Let us educate you about bicycles, some brands, parts, and the other equipment available to make sure you have the best experience possible.

2. Our “Biking Resources” section has some interesting bits to make your visit here more fruitful. Are you planning a bicycle ride or looking for a good route? We can show you the bike friendly areas available all of the world. Worried about riding in traffic? Check out our traffic update and see if your route will be congested with cars, trucks, and other vehicles. If you’re just killing time, check out some ugly crashes in a crash video or listen to a few songs about bikes. You’d be surprised how popular songs about bikes are!