What is a bike lock?

A lock is a simple tool used to protect your investment. There are many different locks for all types of items. For bicycles, however, there are good bike locks and bad bike locks. The bicycle lock normally locks your bicycle to a standing, heavy object so that the bicycle cannot be stolen.

Why are bicycle locks important?

Safety is the key to being a cyclist. Safety is important both on and off of the road. Being safe while riding could include simple things like watching where you are riding, keeping your eyes on the path, wearing a helmet and other safe cyclist gear, riding at safe speeds on slippery terrain, and many others. But you do not only need to use good judgment while riding. You also need to be smart by locking up your bicycle to prevent theft. Think about it. If you pay X amount of money on a bicycle, which is surely an investment, and you lose it then all of that money goes down the drain. If someone walks along and sees your bicycle unprotected, especially if it looks nice and shiny, they will normally take it. Keep your bike safe at all times! Keep it locked up! There are several different bicycle lock types to choose from. You may even find a color that matches your bike.

How do I choose the right bicycle lock?

Like stated previously, there are many different locks to choose from. Keep in mind that there are also good and bad locks. Normally you can expect to spend anywhere from 10%-15% of the value of your bike on a bicycle lock. I know this might seem outrageous but it is well worth it! Keep your bike locked up to an immovable object no matter how safe the area might be.

The most common bicycle lock is the U-type. This lock is shaped like a horseshoe. What makes this lock different from other locks is such that this lock does not allow a thief to use much leverage in efforts to try and break the bicycle lock.

Chain locks are also another option to go with. Chain bicycle locks are normally hacksaw and chisel proof. The only downside to chain locks is that you need to make sure the pad lock for the chain is thick enough so that a thief cannot cut through it.

A cable bicycle lock is also an effective way to deter theft. These cables are strong, sturdy, and also have an armor coating. Cable bicycle locks are recommended to be used in addition to another type of bicycle lock.

The O-lock is a newer way of locking up your bicycle. An O-lock is made to fit a specific part of the bicycle. The O-lock functions similar to a “boot” on a car wheel. This type of lock makes leverage, hack-sawing, and hammering fairly impossible.

A Bike Club is very similar to a car club. It is wedged across the wheel of a bicycle wheel and frame and then locked in place. If the bicycle club is not put properly in place however then the device can easily be removed.

Cuff Locks attach to a secure post. There is a middle hinge that is designed to scare off tampering.

With all of these locks it is important that your bicycle is attached to an immovable object (if the lock requires being attached to something). Also, it is pertinent that you do not leave your bike unlocked and unattended…ever! Do not choose cheap bicycle locks with thin linking or wiring since they can be cut through easily. So, just keep in mind all of the things mentioned here in this article for the best safety of your bicycle.