What are bike taillights?

Bicycle headlights function similarly to taillights. The main function of headlights is improving the visibility of the bicycle cyclist’s path or course. Taillights, however, function for different purposes. Taillights are meant to communicate with other cyclists and also make it so that the bicycle is more visible in the dark. Hopefully, cars, buses, motorcycles, and other vehicles will see the lights and be able to take the proper precautions to avoid hitting you.

Why are taillights important?

Taillights help make the roads and biking paths more safe. A taillight can simple signal other riders or other people on the path or road when the cyclist is slowing down, much like car taillights.

How do taillights work with your bicycle?

Taillights attach underneath the seat of the bicycle, towards the rear. They are normally battery operated. You can buy solar powered taillights but they are not very common.

Types of lights:

LED: This type of lighting is the most common. LEDs can be cheap and effective depending on that you are looking for.
Efficiency: Low-Medium
Brightness: Low-Medium

HID: HID lighting is the most efficient type of lighting available. They are also more pricey.
Efficiency: High
Brightness: High

Halogen: This type of light is outlawed in some areas because of its ability to blind other road users. This system is cheap, bright, and fairly simple.
Efficiency: Medium
Brightness: Medium-High

Battery Lights: Cheapest option available. This kind of lighting is cheap but is not recommended for extended use. Battery Lighting is poor and can become expensive due to battery life.
Efficiency: low
Brightness: low

How do you choose the right taillights for your bicycle?

It is recommended to get taillights to make the road and pathways a lot safer. One thing to consider is price and color. The color choosing could get fun if you are the type of person who likes different colors. Also, there are certain types and looks to taillights. So, the taillights are fully dependent on what the rider likes.