What is a bicycle watch?

You have heard of your typical arm watch. Have you ever known or wondered what a bicycle watch was? A bicycle watch is an amazing tool to any cyclist. A watch can help out in many situations, not just to tell time.

Why is a bicycle watch important?

A bicycle style watch can be important for many reasons. Here is one example, you are riding through mountainous land and you continually ride on a slope and the air gets thinner and thinner. Just then your biking partner looks over to you and asks you for the time. You then inform him of the time stated on your watch and you also notice your elevation has increased 2,000 ft and your heart rate is well above normal. It might be time for a quick break. A cyclist’s watch can be much more useful than a regular watch. A cyclist watch has many features that come implemented into the tiny little gadget. Some key features include, but are not limited to, maps, compass, elevation meter, oxygen meter, clock, thermometer, GPS, Speed and Cadence monitor, heart rate monitor, and many other possible features.

How does a bicycle watch work for you?

A bicycle watch is easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do is slap the watch onto your wrist and go riding!

How to choose the right cyclist watch?

Watches can vary based on size, color, look, and feature availability. So, when you are searching for watches keep in mind what you are looking to get out of the watch. There are certain watches that come with oxygen/elevation sensors. This feature could come in handy when riding up mountains. Then there are also watches that come with a thermometer. A thermometer would come in handy during hot weather and heat waves. The GPS feature in a watch would come in handy when riding through unfamiliar terrain. These are just some small examples of situations and features that might be beneficial to you.