Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi bikes Origins/History

Bianchi is one of the world’s oldest bicycle brands. It was first founded in 1885. This company’s roots were planted first in Italy and now Bianchi bikes are used throughout the world.

Edoardo Bianchi was 21 at the time he started Bianchi. His trade was medical instrument making. He branched out from there and started a small bicycle manufacturing shop in 7 Via Nirone, Milan in 1885. Soon after, Bianchi joined forced with Cycleurope Group, Swedish company of Grimaldi Industri AB (a league of world renown brands). Bianchi started out as a company that did not particularly attract a lot of attention. Bianchi, instead, was referred to as “run-of-the-mill models”. It was not until later that consumers started to actually test and see the fine quality and steel Bianchi used.

The greatest push towards public recognition was the Grand Prix de Paris sprint competition in 1899. Bianchi was the company who sponsored the winner, Giovanni Tommasello. This event gained some major respect and trust from the public. Fifteen years after the sprint competition, Bianchi bikes were being manufactured in full force. The bicycle manufacturer were making 45,000 bicycles, 1,500 motorcycles, and 1,000 cars in a singly year.

Bicycle Makes & Models

Hors Categorie

-This bicycle models name means “Beyond Limits”. Hors Categorie professes lightness and perform-ability. This bicycle is for advanced riders.

Born for Performance

-This bike model is made mainly for racing. It has a rigid structure but is very light in weight. Born for Performance is versatile in all aspects.

Coast to Coast

-Coast to Coast is a model built mainly for long distance riding. It offers optimal riding position as well as maximum performance with limited fatigue. This bike is best for cyclists who prefer long distance riding.

Dama Bianca

-The Dama Bianca is made specifically for woman who love to ride. It is “not just for who you are, but for how you ride”.

D2 Special

-This special bike is built and engineered with triathlons and time trials in mind.

Gran Fondo

-The Gran Fondo is more of a historical model/make. It is built specifically for those who love the past and want their bike to represent that.

and many, many more!….


Bianchi bikes have come a long way since thier initial phases. The bicycle company has won over a large number of fans and racers alike. The major successes and proven quality of a Bianchi bicycle are continually proven by example and excellent manufacturing. Many famous riders and other important figures have understood the great quality of these bicycles. In 1935, Bianchi sponsored Constante Girardengo. Girardengo was one of the first Italian stars on the road. This event alone caused Bianchi bike sales to rise to over 70,000 that year. Then later in 1950, Fausto Coppi won the Paris-Roubaix. Fausto was riding a Bianchi bicycle. In 1953, Bianchi was also the bike responsible for the winning of the world championship.