Motobecane Bikes

Motobecane Origins/History

Motobecane started out as a French manufacturer of bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, and other small vehicles. The name Motobecane has it’s own creativity. Moto- means motorcycle and becane- means bike.

Motobecane bikes became widely popular in France. Motobecane was known for their bike’s light weight and unique mountain bike designs. From the beginning, Motobecane only used their own parts for their bicycles. Then in the 70s that changed. Motobecane started to buy bicycle parts (derailleurs, crank sets, etc) from Japan. At the time, Japanese bike parts were far better than any other bicycle part manufacturer, cheaper too. Motobecane practiced an assortment of tasks that were not common to French bicycle manufacturers. For example, Motobecane used Swiss thread bottom brackets and Motobecane also finished their bicycles frames with high-quality paint. This practice was something that other French manufacturers did not partake in.

Motobecane bikes became the second best French bicycle. The reason for this was because of the excellent quality, and low prices. Another thing that made Motobecane bikes stand out from other manufacturers was their frames. They did not stick to having only one high bar. Instead, they also came out with a mixte frame which featured a bar that went from the handlebars through the seat support bar.

Motobecane Bike Models

Race Carbon/AL

-This model has a mixture of carbon and alloy tubing. Some models of this mixture are as follows: Century Comp, Century Elite, Shimano Ultegra, and Shimano Dura Ace.

Full Carbon

-These frames and models are normally made up of mostly just carbon fiber framing. A Shimano Ultegra, when mixed with 105 and FSA, is fitted match the Immortal Pro frame set. The Immortal Pro and the Immortal Force model are much the same. The difference is that the Pro model is all made up of Shimano Ultegra. The Immortal Spirit is fitted to a monocoque carbon frame, keeping the weight under 16 lbs.