What are bicycle gloves?

A bicycle glove is a specialized glove made to endure the weathering and conditions of bicycle riding. Bicycle gloves are made of certain materials and stitching just for cyclists.

Why are bicycle gloves important?

Bicycle gloves are made for three specific reasons. These include comfort, protection, and warmth. These three reasons are vital for a bicyclist. If a rider has cold hands it severely inhibits their capability to enjoy their riding experience and ride well, especially racers. It is very important to keep your hands warm in cold weather. Bicycling can increase to high speeds. The world record for the fastest cyclist is 82.3 mph by Sam Whittingham. Riding at these speeds in cold weather can definitely lead to frostbite, frost nip, or even hypothermia. Cycling gloves are made of materials that protect your hand from injuries. Lastly, cycling gloves can create a comfortable feel for your hands. You do not want to be riding a long distance and have itchy or uncomfortable gloves. That would make for a less than exciting escapade.

How do bicycle gloves work for your bicycle?

Cycling gloves are easy to slip on your hands. It is best to make sure they fit right and are tight but not too tight. If they are too tight the gloves can cut off blood circulation, that would not be good.

How do you choose the right gloves?

Fingerless Cycling Gloves (track mitts)- These gloves come with lightly padded palms of leather, gel, or other padded material. Today, most track mitts are made of a materiel called elastane. These gloves are well known for there use for drop-bar touring bicycles.

Windproof/waterproof Full-finger Gloves- These gloves are very useful in seasons like spring and autumn. These gloves do not provide a lot of warmth. They are generally waterproof but will become soaked in heavy rains.

Winter Gloves- Winter Gloves tend to be bigger and bulkier in comparison to other cycling glove types. This glove type is normally made up of two layers, and inside layer and an outside layer. The two layer concept enables the inner layer to be washable. The winter gloves normally have a longer cuff to be tucked into jackets or other article of clothing. These gloves also come with a waterproof exterior.

Mittens- These gloves are ideal in extreme cold. Reason for this, is because this type of glove allows a warm pocket to form around the fingers. This glove can make braking a cumbersome task. Bikers normally wear a thinner glove on the inside of their mittens, especially for sub zero temperatures.

Lobster-claw Gloves- This type of gloves allows the rider to easily brake and enjoy the pocket of warm air that a mitten offers. This glove have two fingers that freely move and one central pocket like a mitten.

Weathershields- These nifty shields attach to the handlebars and protects the rider’s hands from rain and wind. They do not so much as fit over the hand but they do provide the basic protection.

Extreme Biking Gloves- These gloves are for intense biking conditions. This gloves is designed for the hazards of off-road riding. These gloves have double the padding and double the shock absorption. This glove is made of the best materials which include carbon fiber protective plating and full grained leather palms.