What are bicycle shirts?

Bicycle shirts are made specifically for cyclists. The material and components of a bicycle shirt are designed to best benefit the rider.

Why is a bicycling shirt important?

Bicycling shirts are made of a material that allows the rider to be cool while riding. It also allows the rider to not get overheated. The shirts provide great breathe-ability and ventilation! Cycling shirts also move with you. What I mean by this is that when you are moving around on the bicycle, twisting or turning, the shirt will not constrict your movement. Also, when wearing cycling shirt in the dark, they are more apparent than if you did not. Cycling shirts are made of a material that is very easy to see in the dark. The material of the shirt is also good at protecting a fallen rider from road rash or major skin damage.

How does a bicycling shirt work with my bike?

When wearing this special kind of shirt, you are free to ride just as if you were not wearing the shirt. Cycling shirts are lightweight and very easy to ride with. You can even match the color of your shirt with the color of your bicycle! (although this is completely optional)

How do I choose the right cycling shirt?

First thing to consider when buying one of these great shirts is size. Make sure you know your shirt size. The material of a biking shirt does stretch but it is recommended to get your size to avoid discomfort. If you are unsure of the size, then measure from armpit to armpit. It is easiest to estimate what size you are from finding out that information. Also, make sure you are getting a style that you will wear proudly and not be ashamed of. Most important of all is to make sure the shirt or jersey is one that has breath-ability and good ventilation.