What are cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes provide optimum performance for any bicycle rider. They are made and designed for speed and efficiency.

Why are bicycle shoes important?

Shoes made for cycling have stiffer shoes and provide more support for your feet. They also allow you to transfer energy to the pedals at a rapid rate. These special shoes also prevent cramping and discomfort in your feet. Most professional riders prefer to use shoes that clip onto their bicycle pedals. With shoes that clip to your pedals, you can travel at faster speed and reach maximum efficiency.

How do cycling shoes work with my bicycle?

If you choose to go with platform shoes (not recommended) than the only interaction with your bicycle will be your feet resting on the pedals. With slip-less shoes however they with most definitely have more of a significant interaction with your bicycle, specifically the pedals. It is important to have a bicycle and pedal that will correctly match the clip-less shoes.

Recommended clip-less attributes:

Road biking- Smooth sole type, stiff rigid outsole, cleats that protrude from the sole, 3-hole pedal (look) style

Mountain biking, casual or touring- Lugged sole type, stiff rigid outsole, cleats the recess into the sole, 2-hole pedal (SPD) style

Most common biking shoe types:

Casual or Sport Riding shoes- These shoes are not cycling specific. These shoes are only for those who do not ride seriously or do not want a sport advantage over other cyclists. Consider just using light hiking or outdoor cross training shoe.

Mountain Biking Shoes- These shoes have more traction and a more insulated/stiffer sole. These shoes also come in types where they are compatible with clip-less pedals.(2-hole cleat)

Road Cycling Shoes- These shoes have really stiff soles. They are not designed for extended walking. Therefore, they do not have a lot of sole traction. These shoes offer good ventilation and lightweight (3-hole or 2-hole cleat).