What are cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts, much like cycling shirts, are made of materials just for bicycling. Cyclist get the best benefit from wearing cycling clothes. Bicycle shorts are skin-tight and designed to provide maximum efficiency to pedaling. The cycling shorts are engineered for riders to enjoy and have the best riding experience.

Why are bicycling shorts important?

These specially designed bicycling shorts reduce wind resistance. This means that it increases aerodynamic efficiency. Which, allows for the rider to move and ride faster. Have you ever ridden a bike and had your pants or shorts obnoxiously rub against the bicycle seat or frame? With cycling shirts, no rubbing involved! The material of cycling shorts protects the skin from friction. This is also important if you fall off of the bicycle. For males, it also provides extra support and acts much like a jock strap. The shorts are also made of the material that provides great breath-ability and ventilation. The shorts specifically draw sweat away from the rider’s skin. Cycling shorts also move with you. What I mean by this is that when you are moving around on the bicycle ,pedaling, the shorts will not constrict your movement. These shorts also compress the legs, which help to fight muscle fatigue or cramping/strain. The material of the shorts are also good at protecting a fallen rider from road rash or major skin damage. Another great thing the shorts offer is lighter weight. If you compare denim or regular short, they wear a lot more than cycling shorts.

How does a bicycling shirt work with my bike?

You will not notice that you are wearing these bicycling shorts just because of how light and ventilated they are. They are very easy to ride with. You can even match the color of your shorts with the color of your bicycle! (optional)

How do I choose the right cycling shorts?

Good ventilation, breath-ability, and durability are a must! Make sure the brand or type that you are buying has all of the things mentioned. You want the best quality for your dollar. Also, make sure you get the right shorts size. Again, it is recommended that you get the right size so that you can avoid discomfort.

There are two types of cycling shorts:

Bib Shorts- These shorts are held up by a bib or suspenders instead of a waistband. Most professional riders prefer bib shorts instead of elastic waistbands. Reason being is that they sometimes feel a discomfort from the band possible digging into the skin while they ride. The bib or suspender portion of the bib shorts are normally made of spandex and polyester.

Baggy Shorts- These shorts look like regular shorts but have a chamois lining on the inside. This inner fabric can be polyester or other form-fitting material beneath the baggier outside liner. These shorts look more casual and are popular amongst mountain bikers.