Large Helmets

What are Large Helmets

A helmet is the best way to protect your skull and brain while doing something that has risk associated with it. A helmet is padded and made of a material that makes it so that your head is properly protected. Helmets were introduced in 1991 as a safer way to ride. A helmet consists of a strong Styrofoam and hard plastic shielding or covering. This helmet then acts as a shock absorber when the cyclists falls off of the bicycle. The helmet also has two strings that connect underneath the rider’s chin to ensure that the helmet is attached onto the head firmly.

Why are helmets important?

Two-thirds of the cyclists admitted to the hospital have a head injury. Ninety percent of cyclist deaths are caused by a collision with a vehicle. Helmets are a way to save your life and prevent serious injury. Helmets are specifically designed for taking impacts and protecting the human skull from injury. The materials that make up a helmet are durable and provide proper support. Now, wearing a helmet may not be the most fashionable thing but it is definitely a sure fire way to ride safer.

How does a helmet work with riding?

A helmet makes your bicycle riding, your children, and everyone else safer. The helmet is probably the best way to try and prevent any serious injury.

How do I choose the right helmet?

Large helmets are designated for adults. It is important not to get children’s size helmets confused with adult sizes. This could be a fatal mistake if there is ever a serious accident. Large helmets are obviously bigger and are made to adult standards (comfort, mobility, etc.). Make sure the helmet is sturdy and of good quality. You do not want a helmet that is easily going to break with little impact. You want a helmet that has good shock absorption as well as good visibility. You do not want your vision hindered by your helmet. Also, the helmet should fit snug around your skull, not too tightly. Adjust the straps under the chin to comfort.