What are bicycle cassettes?

The bike cassette on your bicycle is one of two kinds of parts to a cogset. Cassettes attach to a cassette hub, freehub. The cassette attaches by means of metal, straight splines. A threaded lock ring easily holds the cassette onto the hub piece. The important thing to remember is that a cassette is very different than a freewheel. Sprockets and spacers are another part of the cassette. The sprocket and spacer allow the functionality of the gear ration. These pieces are held onto the cassette by small bolts or rivets. The cassette is/can be also attached the the sprocket. In some cases you can get a separate sprocket and cassette. In most cases it comes as one or the other. The cassette provides more functionality than the sprocket. A cassette and its many small parts provide the bicycle user to easily transition between one gear and another. If you ever look on a mountain bike, or any bike that can shift, you will notice the cassette mechanism. The cassette has numerous grooves and niches for holding the bicycle chain in place. The many grooves also allow for different speeds and gears for shifting.

Why are bike cassettes important?

Bicycle cassettes provide the ability to easily transition from one gear to another. The cassette allows the rider to change speeds and paces. This also gives the rider more control over their bicycle and a type of customization. Cassettes can also give the rider a various amount of gears to shift to and from. Sprockets normally come as one gear, non-shifting bikes. A cassette can come in as many gears as you would like. They normally range from 1 speed to 11 speed. This does not limit you, however. You can always get a custom bike with…heck, 100 speeds if you really wanted! You want to make sure you get a trusty cassette if you ever replace an old one. A good cassette can save you a serious injury. If your chain slips off a cassette you can end of falling off the bicycle or worse. Also, sometimes a cassette can just fall off if it is not properly installed or of good quality.

How do bike cassettes work on a bicycle?

The job of the bike cassette is pretty much to remain inanimate. The cassette does not do much as far as “work” is concerned. It just sits there and looks pretty. It allows the bicycle chain to rest on its many niches. The cassette provides a vast amount of gears to shift to.

How do you choose the right bike cassette for your bicycle?

If your cassette is getting old, or you are having problems with your current one, it is suggested to get a new one. Always replace a bad cassette or old cassette right away! You can easily avoid injury or death by replacing a faulty cassette. Riding a bike with a cassette that does not work is dangerous. If you are also trying to buy a new bicycle, check to see if the current cassette is trusty. If you do not know if it is a trusty cassette then buy one that is. When choosing a cassette, it is good to keep in mind to get the same brand cassette as your bicycle. It can be a way to make sure that there is no compatibility issues, just to be safe. Most bike cassettes are compatible for most bicycles. There are even manufacturers out there who only make bicycle parts. You would not be wrong with buying from these manufacturers as well.