What are cogs?

A bicycle cog attaches to the rear hub of the rear wheel.

Why are cogs important?

A cog allows the user to shift to multiple gears and obtain top speeds. Cogs also allow the rider customization, cogs come in many different type and sizes.

How do cogs work on a bike?

A cog wheel has many different teeth for holding the bike chain and allowing multiple shifting variations, much like a cassette.

How do you choose the right cog for your bike?

Choosing a cog can be difficult. The biggest deciding factor is: What speed do you want your bike to be? Do you have a mountain bike? Are you looking for a 12 speed cog? Are you looking to go out of the norm and get an immense amount of different speeds, 26? Whatever it is you are looking for will decide which cog you should get. Most cogs are universal. So, the only hassle is deciding what speeds and build you want your bike to be!