What are cranksets?

A crankset is the same as a chain ring. Crankset is the term used in the United States. In the UK they use the term chain ring. You can see the information about chain rings here.(insert link) The crankset connects the pedals to the back wheel. The crankset normally attaches to the bottom bracket axle.

Why are cranksets important?

A crankset is one of the fundamental pieces to the bicycle that allows functionality. Without a crankset, you would not be able to use the bicycle. The crankset gives the bike movement. It allows the rider to use the pedals to move the rear cassette.

How do cranksets work on a bike?

The pedal of the bicycle directly attaches to the crankset. The crankset connects the pedal to the rear wheel. The chain rests upon the teeth of the crankset. It allows the rider’s energy to be transferred from the pedal to the crankset and sent along the chain to move the back tire.

How do you choose the right crankset for your bike?

Cranksets are fully customizable. The type of performance you are looking for can be defined by the choice of your crank set. The cranksets come in a plethora of different sizes and possibilities. There are also adult and children sizes for accommodation purposes. Another customizable feature is the ability to choose a crankset that best fits riders with short legs and with long legs. There are sizes for everything!

What are the different sizes for cranksets?

The most common sizing for a crankset is the typical adult length of 165mm to 180mm long with 2.5mm increments and 170mm cranks. This can easily be changed however. You can get any sizing that you want or need. Manufacturers can make sizes smaller than 165mm and/or longer than 180mm. There are many different formulas out there that can also help you decide what crank set length would be the perfect fit for you. You can also get some removable cranksets. Removable cranksets can make repair and replacement a quick and easy process. These cranksets are measure in Bolt Center Diameter(BCD) which is a measurement of how they attach the the spider on the crankset.

Average Crank Sizing BCD:

Crank: Track
144 BCD
Common Manufacturers: Gebhardt

Crank: Road Double
130 BCD or 135 BCD
Common Manufacturers: Shimano, Gebhardt, Campagnolo (153), and others

Crank: Road Triple
130/74 BCD or 135/74 BCD
Common Manufacturers: Shimano, Campagnolo(135/74 BCD), and many others

Crank: Compact/Touring Bouble
110 BCD or 4×110/1×113 BCD
Common Manufacturers: Campagnolo, Gebhardt

Crank: Compact/Touring Triple
110/74 BCD

Crank: Mountain Bike–4 arm
104/64 BCD
Common Manufacturers: Gebhardt

Crank: Mountain Bike—standard 5 arm
110/74 BCD

Crank: Mountain Bike—compact 5 arm
94/58 BCD

When to replace crankset?

The teeth on the crank set can break down and grow dull. This is just due to wear and tear. Also, this can happen from buying bad quality chain rings. When you buy a bad quality chain ring it can wear down easier and the teeth can even snap off from use. If the teeth on the chain ring are not holding your chain on or are growing dull, it is recommended to replace it ASAP. We always advise people to get broken part fixed quickly as to avoid injury.