What are bicycle frames?

The bicycle frame is the center piece to any bicycle. The frame is the piece that every component on a bicycle attaches to. Bicycles frames normally consist of two triangular shapes that are welded together, with a bicycle fork on one end and an open prong on the other (for the wheels).

Why are bicycle frames important?

Bicycle frames are on of the most important pieces of the bicycle. The frame itself can determine how fast your can go. The reason for this is because the weight of the frame can heavily impact a cyclist’s speed. The frame can also determine how smooth your riding experience is. Some RAAM frames cause a horrific riding experience. The reason some RAAM frames do this is because of how rigidly they were put and welded together. Most frames have some give and are not as rigid. Having a frame with some give, allows the rider to have a more smooth riding experience.

How do bicycle frames work on a bike?

Like stated previously, the weight of the frame can seriously impact the speed of the bicycle. The frame necessarily provides a way for the bicycle pieces (wheels, handlebars, brakes, pedals, seat, etc.) to attach. The frame also gives the bicycle its full functionality. You do not see people trying to ride just a bicycle frame down a hill. You need wheels to ride just as well as you need a frame.

How do you choose the right bicycle frame for your bike?

If you are trying to find a speedy bicycle, it is best to go with the lightest frame. Now, also keep in mind that a light frame does not mean it is a smooth rider. Make sure that you look at the manufacturer when buying a frame. Light frames do typically ride smoother, but it is not always the case. So, if you are a racing cyclist, or just want a fast bike, pick a light frame that is durable and rides very smoothly. For a typical cyclist, leisurely rider, get any weight of frame you feel comfortable with. Do make sure you get a frame that is not too heavy. Again, a smooth riding bicycle is always a good bicycle. You do not want your seat constantly leaving bruises on your rear. A lot of bicycle sellers will advise you to buy a tiny bike, even ones that are too small for your size, saying they are the best option. This is not true. Smaller bikes are not the best bikes. Sure, they are lighter but they are also very, very uncomfortable! It is okay to get an uncomfortable bike when racing very short distances, but for long rides…forget it. Using a bike that is too small for you can also cause health problems. Muscle cramps or pain anyone? So, when choosing a bicycle frame keep in mind the material it is made of (weight) and comfort. Try to get the most comfort and efficiency when getting a frame!