What are bicycle headsets?

A bicycle headset is the piece that provides the front fork of the bicycle with rotation. The headset properly connects the fork to the head tube.

Why are headsets important?

A bicycle headset holds the fork to the head tube. Depending on the type of headsets, it can also hold the handle bars in place. The headsets also give the rider ability to steer with the handlebars and control stability.

How does a bicycle headset work on a bike?

Depending on the type of headset, it can attach to the top or bottom of the head tube. Threaded headsets attach to the top of the steerer with a lock nut. The thread-less headsets attach towards the bottom of the steerer or head tube. The location of the headset is dependent on the model and manufacturer of the bicycle. The thread-less headsets have 11 pieces. The threaded headsets only have 10. The main difference between the two is that thread-less headsets have a screw that screw into and through the top of the headset, for tightening and loosening. The threaded headset just has a lock nut that is screwed on.

How do you choose the right headset for your bike?

Buying a headset really depends on compatibility. What I mean by this is that all of the parts being attached to the fork need to be compatible. For example, if you have a threaded head tube, you will also need to get a threaded headset. The same applies when you have a thread-less head tube, you need to get a thread-less head set. Installing headsets can be tricky. Reason being, is because there are many parts that come with a headset. The number one thing when buying a headset is to make sure you get one that is compatible with your head tube.