Seats and Saddles

What are bicycle seats and saddles?

On a bicycle there are normally three areas that take the weight of the rider. These three areas are the handlebars, the pedals, and the seat. The seat is the part that the riders sit on. The seat is supposed to provide comfort to the rider.

Why are seats and saddles important?

A comfortable bicycle seat can make a long bike ride very enjoyable. An uncomfortable bike seat however can make you sore and cause agony in the crotch area. Discomfited seats can make riding your bike a horrid experience. A bicycle rider should not have to worry about the comfort level of his seat. The seat should be the last of a cyclist’s worries. It is highly important for a rider to find a comforting seat so that they can enjoy their riding experience.

How do seats and saddles work on a bike?

A bicycle seat attaches to the frame of the bicycle. The seat itself consists of two layers the shell and the cover. The shell is the outer shape of the seat. The cover is the layer that provides comfort. Most comfortable bike seats have a squishy soft material inside the shell of the seat. The seat may also come with suspension or an adjustable bar. The adjustable bar allows the rider to change the height of the seat. Suspension can allow the rider to take the impact of potholes or other obstructions that would otherwise cause discomfort.

How do you choose the right seat or saddle for your bike?

Choosing a seat or saddle all depends on personal preference. If you prefer a squishy, extremely soft seat then get a gel seat. There are many different kinds of seats that are available. Make sure you find one that matches your preference of comfort. It is advised not to get a hard seat! Hard seats may be cheaper, but they do you no good when you want to go biking. All hard seats are good for is causing you to be sore in the groin!