What are bicycle tires?

Bicycle tires are tires that are located on the front and rear of a bicycle frame. Bicycle tires are not only found on bicycle but they can also be found on wheel chairs and hand cycles. A bicycle tire holds air inside a rubber inner tube. That inner tube is then encased by a rubber shell (tread) that protects the tube full of air and gives traction to the rider.

Why are bicycle tires important?

A tire for a bicycle provides traction, grip, and maneuverability for the bicycle rider. Bike tires also provide the rider with some suspension, giving a smoother ride. The tire allows as well for the acceleration and slowing down of the rider or user. And tires give the rider or user power to move. Without a bike tire you cannot role anywhere. A bicycle tire provides the basic functionality of rolling to enable the rider or user to move. Tires allow a person to go from one place to another.

How do tires work on a bike?

The bike tire roles on ground or any surface to give the user movement. Bicycle tires have certain threading. Threading is the space between the rubber bumps that give traction. Based on what kind of threading there is on a bicycle tire, it can give the rider a lot of traction. Then the same is true for speed. Certain tires are built for speed, with certain threading. The wheels rotate and gain momentum and keep spinning unless the rider stops them or approaches and incline and stops peddling.

How do you choose the right tire for your bike?

A bicycle tire can be very valuable to a rider. The type of tire depends on what kind of riding style you are looking for. Quite often, cross country riding requires off-road tires. Off-road tires can be defined as tires with big gaps in the threading on the tread and large lumps of rubber on the outside of the tire (tread) for traction. The different kinds of treads that are normally available are the knobby, slick, and smooth. The knobby are the off-road tires, providing ample traction for dirt and other terrain. The slick tires are for on-road riding. Slick tires are not that common and are seen as being slippery in rainy/wet conditions. Then the smooth tires are used for racing, providing traction for on-road/raceway riding. The smooth tire is not as strong as the knobby tire and it is recommended not to ride smooth tires off-road. Smooth tires can puncture easy when riding off-road.