What are bicycle wheels?

A bike wheel is normally a wire material. The wire wheel then holds the bike tire. The bike wheel is also referred to as a wheelset. The wheel then attaches to a bike frame through the front and rear forks. The wheel is a large circle and inside the circle there are many spokes pointing in different directions. These spokes then attach to a center hub.

Why are bike wheels important?

A bike wheel holds the tire in place to allow for the riding of the bicycle. When the wheel turns, it rotated around the axle. Then ball bearings allows for the wheel continuous movement and smooth riding. The spokes inside the bicycle wheel help to maintain the tires roundness. The spokes can also be customized and moved around according to the rider’s preference.

How do wheels work on a bike?

The wheel rotating around the axle gains momentum and keeps the riding in motion. The ball bearings located inside the wheel hub allow for the wheel to keep spinning and gives the rider a smooth ride. The rider first, to get the bicycle moving, pushes the pedals. Then pedals transfer energy along the chain to the rear tire. The rear tire spins because of the motion of the pedals. The motion of the rear tire then allows and makes the front tire turn in unison.

How do you choose the right wheels for your bike?

Wheels are mainly all standard. The only difference for wheels is the type of hub it has. There are two different kinds of hubs. These hubs are the freehub and the freewheel hub. The freehub was created by bicycle manufacturers Shimano and “freehub” is a registered trademark of theirs. Freehubs have a ratcheting mechanism where a cassette is places into a splined shaft. This allows for contact with the bike chain. The freewheel mechanism is threaded onto and axle hub. The freewheel is always tight no matter what. The chain is also kept tight with a freewheel. All the torque on the chain is being pulling to the right side. The biggest downside to a freewheel is that once something gets caught in it, it is very hard to remove. Also, freewheels are hard to remove to replace, repair, or maintain. The type of wheel you get depends on personal preference and whether you frame will attach to that kind of hub.