What is a car bike rack?

A bike car rack is a rack specifically designed for use with a car. The rack itself makes it possible for the bicycle owner to transport the bike with the vehicle. These racks are smaller and meant to fit only on a car, not a truck.

Why are car bike racks important?

Car bicycle racks enable a cyclist to easily transport their bicycle to any given, drivable location. There are many type and variations of racks available. This makes it easier for the user to fine something better to their liking. With a bike rack you can also transport more than one bicycle. You can transport 4-5 bikes easily, and more! It makes the way of traveling more convenient. It is especially nice when you want to go somewhere special to bike and that place special is very far away (out of biking distance).

How does a bike rack work with your biking?

Bike racks enable a cyclist to go anywhere they want to bike. They can travel across the country with their bike firmly attached to their car. Bike racks have different mounting locations and it all depends on the user which type they want. Racks attach to the roof, front fender, and the trunk. They are also easy locations to store your bicycle while you drive. The best thing about bike racks is that the bicycle never falls off. They are firmly strapped in and taken along for the ride.

How do you choose the right bike rack?

Where you want your bike rack is completely up to you. There is no advantage or disadvantage to having it in a certain location on your car. You want to consider your needs when buying a bike rack.

Questions to consider when buying a bike rack:

Are you planning on traveling a lot?
How many bikes are you wanting to transport?
Do you want a permanent rack?
Are you planing on moving the rack onto other vehicles?
Do you have a special framed bicycle?
How much money are you willing to spend?
Can you lift your bike easily without hassle?
Does your vehicle already have a tow hitch or roof mounting? What is the capacity?
Do you have a rear mounted spare tire that might interfere with a rack system?
Are you only wanting a temporary rack?

Types of racks:

Strap-on trunk-mounted carrier- This type of rack is the least expensive. Straps are the means that attach this rack to the car’s trunk, or rear. The bicycle frame sits on a plastic arm that supports and hold the bike. The frame needs to be tightly tied to the car before putting on the bicycle. This type of rack has more chance of damaging a vehicle or bicycle.

Roof-mounted carrier- This rack attaches to an already existing roof rack or crossbar. Roof-mounted carrier can come in two types. They can hold the bicycle by the front wheel or by the pedal crank. The front wheel concept is a little more of a hassle because you have to remove the front wheel each time you put the bike on or off. With using the pedal crank, some models or bikes with an unusual frame will not fit.

Hitch-mounted carriers- This carrier attaches to a hitch on a vehicle. These carriers are easy to install and do not require the removal of bike parts. There is also less of a chance of scratching the vehicle or bike paint. The downside to this carrier is that you have to buy a hitch separate. Padding may need to be added to avoid having the bicycle clash and bang together. May block driver’s view out of rear window.